Contact today is only as good as its last batch of high-quality content.

There, we said it. A lot of websites won’t say this. A lot of websites would like or lead you to think that they already have the very best content for you.

For example, if you’re looking for baby shoes at a baby shoe website, the website would usually give you all sorts of signals, and lead you to believe that they have the very best information for you. In other words, they try to create a complete picture and give you that impression in so many different levels that you really don’t have to look anywhere else. They have everything that you are looking for.

We really don’t have such conceit here. Instead, we rely on our visitors to complete the website. We know that we’re incomplete because there are just so many things going on with the sari.

It’s an experience

If you’ve ever worn a sari to any kind of Indian or non-Indian event, you know that it is an experience.

You’re not just wearing pieces of clothing, nor projecting different colors to people around you. It is an experience where you are impacted both on a psychological and emotional level. It is all too real, and it changes the way you think. It is a reflection of your creativity and personality. It impacts the way you behave and the way you talk.

This is not a distinctly Indian thing. Non-Indian people who wear the sari report the same thing because it truly is an experience. It is not a costume, but it does have many different elements of clothing that you don’t normally wear. It has a lot of things going on, and it really would be a disservice for us just to try to pound everything into the ground, reduce everything into writing, or set everything in stone.

This is why this website goes out of its way to produce a lot of content, but at the same time leaves a lot of space open for its visitors’ personal testimony and interaction with this clothing design. We all know and can agree that wearing a sari is a distinct experience. This is why this website was founded. It really is supposed to be an online community or a joint cooperative forum where people can express their love for anything and everything related to the sari.

This Indian design is not just something that you wear to occasions, or wear to cover up your body. Instead, it’s an experience. Along these lines, we encourage you to share your experiences, both in terms of blog posts or formal stories.

If you’re a writer, please feel free to submit articles regarding the different things you have discovered about the sari. If you are a graphics designer, please don’t hesitate to come up with all sorts of fan art regarding wearing saris. If you are a composer and have access to either original or secondary music involving the sari, do let us know. We’d love to publish the links to such materials.

The bottom line is quite simple: if you are a fan of the sari in any way, shape or form, and would like it celebrated and really honored as far as its maximum potential is concerned, you have come to the right place. More importantly, you are officially invited to share everything you know about the sari, so we can make this website as complete as possible.

We understand that there’s a tremendous amount of diversity as far as personal expressions are concerned, so there are no hard-and-fast rules here. There is no right or wrong answer. As long as you are participating and contributing, that is good enough. Furthermore, when you come across other people’s designs or fan art regarding the sari, feel free to share your impressions.

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