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History and Significance of Bindi

"A woman's beauty is multiplied 1,000 times when she wears a bindi"
-Hindu Proverb

Exotic women wearing a red dot on their forehead...Have you ever wondered why the women of India wear the little red dot on their forehead? Many people think that this little red dot has something to do with the caste system of India. The truth of the matter is that they have absolutely nothing to do with the caste system of India. They are such a part of India's heritage and culture that we must make mention of their value.

Pronounced Bin Dee, the word bindi is derived from the Sanskrit word bindu, which means "drop". There are two common meanings of bindi throughout India. The first is tied to Hindu religion and the second is social symbol. Throughout India , many believe it is suppose to be representative of the mystic third eye and become the central point of the base of creation Therefore, the traditional red dot (often made with tikka powder or vermillion) can be seen on men and women alike. When visiting a temple, it is common for the priest to mark, men, women and children with this mark using his finger. The second historical and cultural significance of bindi is as a social symbol, very similar to western wedding bands. Bindi were worn by married women in North India in the form of a little red dot. Red was chosen because that color was suppose to bring good fortune into the home of the bride. The red mark made the bride the preserver of the family's honor and welfare. Over time, they also became a fashion accessory and changed in shape and colors.

In the past few decades, not only married women have taken up this beautiful accessory. Girls of all ages enjoy wearing a variety of styles and colors. Today, these little gems are often matched with the color clothing a person is wearing. It is a must with sari, sarees, salwar kameez or other Indian dresses. It is also used as an accessory to any belly dance , ethnic dance costume or for body art. They come with a sticker like back that allows you to place the bindi securely. Bindis are fast becoming the accessory of choice for their sensual charm and sparkle. Try one today!

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