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Everyday and Formal 1

This particular style I believe is a more modern style. It is easy to wear and for the most part stays out of your way when you are out and about. I have seen women wear it to special occasion functions and for everyday wear. I like this style personally and often wear my cotton chunni/dupattas this way for everyday wear. Most Indian women do not pin it in place thereby leaving them with the easy option of adjusting or draping in a new style. Either I have very bad posture, choose slippery material OR move around too much because mine always falls off. I recommend pinning it. Once again, do be careful. Anything around your neck and this long can be a hazard. Take precautions and be aware of the long trailing fabric.

1.Begin with the material in front of you

2.Working widthwise, fold the material in two.


3.Fold the material in two again. You can stop folding here or make one more fold just make sure it is evenly folded from one end to the other. Place the material over your left shoulder and adjust the length of both the front and back to look equal. Pin in place or keep your shoulders very straight.


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