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Latest Sari/Saree Collection

If you are new to the clothing of India, let us introduce you to the timeless beauty of our saris or sarees, which are available for petite, average and plus size women. Every step in a sari whispers gracefulness and hints at the exotic.

Saris are native to all of India and they have been worn for thousands of years. Today, Indian women have all the choices of fashion as their American sisterhood but the saree remains one of two most popular choices. If you have ever seen a woman in a sari, you will understand why. The image is likely to stay with you for a long time. Women just can not go wrong with a fashion choice that has been "in" thousands of years!

Sarees come in every color imaginable and in several different materials. Most are about 6 yards in length. Saris come embroidered and plain.They are worn with a matching blouse and petticoat. Custom made saree blouses (choli) and petticoats available for all women including plus sizes. We feature timeless classics as well as the latest fashions and styles from India.

Elegant Blue Sari Saree
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