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Pardesi Community - Join our free community forums where you can give and get advice for today's changing world.
Culture and Traditions of India - Explore the culture and traditions of India, including weddings, holidays, book lists and more!
Indian Association of New Hampshire - Non-Profit Organization providing cultural, educational and public services
Alanita Travel - Specializes in flights to India
Institute of Draped Cloth-Extensive informaion about draping cloth/Saree
Mom Wiz-Patterns for Salwar Kameez and Instructions for Sari Wearing
BridesandGroomsIndia-Indian Matrimonial Site greeting cards for Indian holidays including: Diwali, Ramadan, Holi, Eid-ul-Fitr and more!
Important Disclaimer: The links provided are open to the public. They are here solely to provide a source of information for our customers looking for these items/services. The opinions expressed on these websites are those of their individual authors/owners/employees/website controllers. Due to liability issues the websites/companies/individuals listed below nor the information, products, or services they provide are endorsed by this website. We recommend using common sense, making inquiries to people you trust, and, if necessary, seeking professional advice before relying on material or advice, or purchasing the products or services generated from the websites below.
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