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Classical Indian Dance Painting

Classical Indian Dance Painting

This beautiful oil hand painting comes on a black cotton background with colorful floral borders. This painting depicts a beautiful and graceful young dancer in a striking classical Indian dance pose. She is heavily adorned with jewelry and vivacious clothes. Hundreds of years ago, these paintings would have been adorned with real gold and jewels and hung in palace walls or zennas (women's quarters). For the past hundred years or more, the use of hand sewn gold and colored sequins and beads add rich embellishment causing the painting to literally sparkle. These paintings are becoming rare in India due to a lack of support for folk artists. It is our goal to help keep this tradition alive by bringing these stunning works of art to you directly from Punjab and Rajasthan.

Size 29 3/4" X 42 1/4"
Indian Paper painting
Item: WH023
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