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Saree Blouse and Petticoat Measurement Guidelines

Blouse measurements
1. Bust: measurement should be taken around fullest part of breasts with bra on and tightly supported

2. Upper arm: this needs to be the circumference of the largest part of your upper arm. Kindly note that sleeve length can not be specified. Sleeves will be short sleeves only. If a longer sleeve is required this will be an additional charge.

3. Shoulders: This should be done with your shoulders as straight as possible from the outside of one to the outside of the other.

4. Midriff: If you will place your fingers under your breasts, you should feel your rib cage. Follow your rib cage down until you reach the ends of them. Where your ribs end is where the blouse waist will come. The midriff will be bear, but if you are extremely uncomfortable with this, we can attempt to make it slightly longer.

5. Blouse Length: This is approximation only to give us some general idea of your length from your shoulders to the end of your blouse. Please measure from the top of your shoulder to where you think the blouse should end. Measure over your breast when you take this measurement. Blouse length is usually 14"-16" in length. If a longer blouse is required it is an additional charge.

6. Waist: At your below your belly button, measure around your entire stomach.
7. Hips: Measure around the fullest part of your hips, this will include your buttocks as well.

8. Length of Petticoat: From exactly at your belly button, you will want to measure down to right above your ankle. This is the length of the petticoat.

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