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Salwar Kameez - Fashion’s latest “IN” item

Western fashion trends have been leaning heavily toward ethnic Indian fashion clothing and patterns for years but the arrival of salwar kameez in the western fashion world has been so fast and so explosive that it can only be described as breath-taking. So what is so hot about salwar kameez and why are women all over the world going crazy over a fashion trend that has been around for thousands of years? The answer is simple: salwar kameez AKA shalwar kameez are filling a role that has been missing from the western fashion scene for years: graceful feminine elegance. For so many years, women in the western world have been bombarded by the fashion and media world with the idea that the “more skin, the better” theory of fashion. Every year saw hemlines shrinking until the point that our clothing was playing “peek-a-boo” with our bodies. Women were told that this look was sexy, that we needed to dress this way to be thought of as attractive. With clothes getting skimpier and tighter, we were getting more uncomfortable. Salwar Kameez have given us a delicious alternative to this type of clothing

What are the rewards of wearing salwar kameez?

Wearing salwar kameez is a reward in itself but here is a summary of the reasons salwar kameez are gaining popularity among Indian and Non-Indian women.

Blue Salwar Kameez

Good for All Sizes of Women

Salwar Kameez looks great on all body types and sizes. No matter if you are a plus or super size woman, a petite size woman or an average size woman these suits will make you look and FEEL your best.

Whoever invented the saying that “One Size Fits All” was really confused. Women’s bodies come in all shapes and sizes and we understand that one size really does not fit all. At pardesifashions.com we specialize in finding the best fit for each woman possible. We offer custom fitting at no additional charge so you can accentuate your best features. For convenience and ease of ordering we also offer ready made Salwar Kameez sizing from Extra Small to 5 Extra Large. No woman, not matter her size, should have to sacrifice fashion for comfort and fit.

Feeling Good About What We Wear

There are many reasons to feel good about wearing salwar kameez such as its great value and its beauty but the bottom line is that if you do not feel comfortable in your clothing you are not going to feel good about what you wear. If you are in clothing that severely restricts your movement either on a comfort level or in the fear that something is going to pop out or hang out, you are going to constantly be worrying and can not appreciate the moment at hand. In salwar kameez/shalwar kameez we do not have to sacrifice our modesty or our comfort because salwar kameez fuses comfort and grace with the hottest fashion trends.

Limitless Styles and Designs

Salwar Kameez come in many different styles such as Parallel/Trouser style salwar suits with a short Kurta style top, churidar style salwar kameez, pajami and afghani style salwar kameez and traditional style salwar kameez which has innumerable variations. If that was not enough variation even for the most discriminating fashion diva, take into the account the countless varieties of embroidery and design enhancements available and salwar kameez become limitless in style, design and variations!


Who wants to go bankrupt on finding “THE PERFECT” ensemble or adding variety to our everyday clothing? Salwar Kameez is the ideal value! For starters, there are salwar kameez that fits every budget. Even formal salwar kameez tend to cost less than western formal clothing. Furthermore, when shopping with reputable shops you will be purchasing an outfit whose beauty will last. Unlike many outfits, salwar kameez can really go anywhere. They can go to formal events, semi-formal events, work, college, parties, dinners, or even just out for shopping. Many times, one suit can play more than one role with the simple addition of dressy accessories such as jewelry and shoes. Bottom line, quality salwar kameez last longer, are less expensive than many western alternatives and can go so many different places that you are going to get much more wear from them and that equals better value for your money.

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