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Everyday and Formal 2

Just like the Everday and Formal style #1, I have seen many women wear this style for both special occasions and everyday wear. Many American women are comfortable wearing this style since it reminds them of a wrap. There are two variations of this style. The first is just a simple front hanging chunni / dupatta, while the second is opened up and spread across your back like a formal wrap. As with all these styles, take precaution to be aware of the material as it can possible cause injury. ( Of course no one can be a bigger clutz than me and so far I have avoided choking or otherwise harming myself, though there have been some embarrassing incidents with food and a bathroom). This style does not usually get pinned and one of the benefits is that you can easily adjust it.

1.Begin with the material in front of you


2.Holding it straight lift it up and behind your head, allowing it to rest on the back of your neck.


3.If you choose to wear this style draped in front of you, simply adjust the loose ends until they are even and pleasant looking.


3.If you wish to wear this as a wrap, simply open the material and spread across your back, draping it over your arms.


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