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Religious Occasions and Everyday

There are times when you are going to want to cover your head while in India or participating in certain religious occasions. This style will be very valuable for any Sikh, Hindu or Muslim event. It is also considered polite to cover your head when in the presence of older people. This style can easily be adapted for Muslim occasions by covering more of your head. Please be aware that this look is generally accepted among the majority of Indian Muslims, however, it is best to ask what will be acceptable as traditions and cultural taboos vary across the globe. For Sikh or Hindu temple visits or religious events this style will work perfectly well. (By the way, it is also generally accepted that men as well as woman should cover their heads when entering a holy place) This style can be adapted to best suit you. Instead of wearing the long drape in the front, it is possible to wear it long in the back OR you can drape both pieces around your neck. Kindly take precautions with this and any style you see here as it is easy to get it caught in doors or tangled and can cause injury.

1.Begin with the dupatta in front of you.

2.Gather the material in both hands with equal amounts on each side.


3.Keeping it straight, lift it up and behind your neck, letting the dupatta rest against the back of the neck


4.Straighten and even out the ends then open the material keeping the outside edges in your hands


5.Pull the dupatta over your head until you have covered as much as you want. Decide which side you want to hang loose and which you want wrap around your neck OR both ends can be wrapped across opposite shoulders.


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