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Long and Short Formal or Everyday

There is no set rule about dupatta wear, but this is my favorite way to wear to all special or formal occasions when I wear a Salwar Kameez. It is also the way I wear non-cotton duppattas for everyday wear. While I have seen many Indian women keep these chunnis on their shoulders without a pin, I highly recommend using two safety pins to secure it to your shoulders. Using the pins help prevent unfortunate accidents like dragging it through ice cream or soup. The only real drawback I have seen with this style is that once it is pinned it is impossible to do any really big adjustments without unpinning first one shoulder and then the other. One should also take care that the loose ends do not get caught in anything as the force will rip your clothing or could cause injury. Of course the greatest benefit is the way it looks AND once it is pinned you do not have to worry about it falling off or constantly adjusting it. If it is long enough, the loose ends can also be wrapped over your head for religious activities. They steps are basically the same except in the pinning process.

1.Begin with the dupatta in front of you.

2.Gather the right side in your right hand, leaving a long trail and put it over your right shoulder.


3.Gather the left side of the material in your left hand and place it over your left shoulder.


4.Now straighten and adjust your cascade to make it look pretty. At this time you have to decide if you want a short or long look. For a long look, gather a small amount of material at your shoulders and pin, allowing most of the material to drape gracefully over your body.


5.For the shorter, more manageable method, gather all the material at your shoulder and pin.

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