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The Most Common

This is the most common wear of a dupatta/chunni. It can be worn for everyday or special occasions. It is undoubtedly the easiest way of wearing it; however, it does result in a really long trail of material behind you. Be very careful that it does not get caught in a door, car door, fall into the toilets, or trip yourself on it.  It is not my number 1 choice BUT it does have some positive points: it can easily be removed, adjusted, and easy to hold up. To accomplish this look, try the following steps:

1.Begin with the dupatta stretched out in front of you.

2.Gather the dupatta in both hands.


3.Keep the material straight and drape over each shoulder, letting it rest against the base of your neck. The ends will trail down your back. You can adjust the ends until they are even in the back.


Back To Duppatta Styles
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