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Swapna Sundari Barbie

Swapna Sundri Barbie

Swapna Sundari doll is part of the Expressions of India Collection, manufactured exclusively in India for an Indian market. About 2 1/2 years ago, this doll along with several others in the same collection were stopped in production. Today these hard to find dolls are considered collectors items and highly valuable.

Swapna Sundri Barbie

At Pardesi Services, we were entranced with the beauty of these dolls and have made it our goal to bring them to the USA whenever possible. We find value in the dolls themselves, as they are a rich representation of the many cultures of India. Swapna Sundari is from South India. She represents Bharat Natyam, a dance form steeped in temple traditions of India. This dance form represents the beauty and grace of Urvashi, Rambha, Menaka and Tilothna mythical beings from the court of INDRA - the king of Heaven. According to mythical lore these celestial beings are the protectors of feminine glory and grace. The costume worn by the Bharat Natyam is a reflection of rich cultural heritage and tradition. The shimmering silk, bordered with gold thread work and double pleated fan tucked into the hip belt makes the costume most distinctive. The dancer has an elaborate plait entertwined with jasmine. Dazzling temple jewelry adds additional opulence to the costume. She has a beautiful gold and ruby headress, with matching hair clips. Her gold nose ring and earrings dangle femininly. Eight bangles grace each arm while a beutiful golden ring accents her "talking" hands. Vermillion and Sandalwood paste marks her graceful brow in south Indian traditional manner.

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