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Festival Fun Barbie

Festival Fun Barbie

Festival Fun is a set containing Barbie and Kelly from India. It is a Special Edition set released in the year 2000, exclusively for an Indian market. Shortly thereafter, these gorgeous dolls were stopped in production. Today these hard to find dolls are considered collectors items and highly valuable.

Festival Fun Barbie

At Pardesi Services, we were entranced with the beauty of these dolls and have made it our goal to bring them to the USA whenever possible. We find value in the dolls themselves, as they are a rich representation of the many cultures of India. In Festival Fun set, Barbie and Kelly are dressed in traditional Rajasthani beauty. Their matching Lehnga Cholis are vibrant blends of silver, gold, red, yellow, green and white. Rajasthani wear is famous for vibrant colors and patterns and our set can not reflect this tradition better! Both Barbie and Kelly's clothing are covered in silver and gold "mirror" pieces, their lehngas and chunnis are accented with tiny seed pearls. Barbie wears slightly more jewelry, with a ruby and gold head dress (tikka), dangling gold earrings, three rows of golden necklaces, 6 red bangles on each arm and a golden ring adorning her graceful hands. Kelly is equally beautiful in her golden tikka, earrings and double row of necklaces. You can almost feel the excitment of Diwali coming when you look upon their joyful faces!

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